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Oh Brother Where Art Thou Essay


happens to Od. When he is on his way home from the Trojan War. Od. becomes more of aleader, however he also becomes agitated more easily by the end of his twenty-year voyage and he also admits his pride. Odysseus falls victim to his pride when he tells theCyclops his name “if any man on the face of the earth should ask you who blinded you,shamed you so-say Odysseus raider of the cities, he gouged out your eye.” (Homer pg227 line 559-561.) Also when Odysseus has to stay on Calypso’s island he becomesvery agitated and home sick and many other examples are present when both men become agitated.

Finally, returning home both men’s children don’t even recognizethe men as their own fathers

. One can tell that these two characters were definitelywritten on the same principals and react the same way to many situations.During each man’s voyage he has a crew with him, he has a wife who has givenup on their husband and also the dreadful suitors.

After leaving Troy, Odysseus hasmany ships, and his men are loyal and respectful to him.

As his journey progressesmen start to fall away and by the end of his story all of his men have been killed and he isthe only man that returns home from the long trip. Everett and his men were writtendifferently than in Homers version.

Having Pete, and Delmar O’ Donell as all of Everett’s crew, it is much different than the men Od. has in his group

. During a brief time in the movie a black guitarist also tours with the men, his name is Tommy Johnson.

Finally returning home, each mans wife is involved with the suitor(s) who are tryingto marry each of the two wives

. Odysseus’ wife is very loyal to him; she waits twentylong years and still doesn’t ever consider marrying one of those suitors. Penelope has totrick the thirty suitors staying in her house but she never falls in for their trickery. Penny,Everett’s wife is a different story, she has only become interested in one suitor who she

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    From what famous piece of literature did this film get its basis?

    Joel and Ethan Coen got the idea for O Brother, Where Art Thou? from Homer's Odyssey. We watch as the three men encounter multiple characters along the way just as Homer's protagonist does, and how they are searching for a false treasure that does not exist but are willing to risk their lives for it.

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    How does Everett get Pete and Delmar to come with him to stop his wife from remarrying?

    Everett is chained to both Pet and Delmar, thus the only way for him to escape the chain gang is if the other two men connected to him agree to run. He convinces Pete and Delmar to run with him by promising them one third of the treasure that he has stowed away from a previous heist. Everett has in truth only made this story up because he knows they won't escape otherwise.

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    Who created to music for the film?

    The films score includes songs written and arranged by T-Bone Burnett a veteran film collaborator known for his work on such films as Crazy Heart, Walk the Line and Inside Llewyn Davis.