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Love Essay For Your Girlfriend

Love is a feeling that powers the world to move on, it’s the affection between two people. when a person loves someone he/she is the most important person in this world. Love is a feeling that gives us hope and courage to move on and do the impossible things.

The most amazing way to make your love is always express what you have inside your heart for your beloved. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and wishes to great them with the best way possible. we have the best sweetest love letters to girlfriend, all these texts just for them. which can be shared on Facebook or Whatsapp, so that they always know you care about them even when they are away from you and always wish to be there when they need you.

Oursweetest love letters to girlfriend are some of the best ways to express that expression of love. so keep scrolling and enjoy your day.

Sweetest Love Letter for Your Girlfriend will not only convey your emotions to your girlfriend but will also convey your heart desires, it will create a stronger bond between you two love birds, I am pretty sure there are so many lovely things you want to say to your darling, you can say them in Cute Paragraphs or Good Morning Text Messages & Love Letters also.

There so many things you want to say to your girlfriend you are lost for words you want to make the perfect Sweetest Love Letter for Your Girlfriend, I am glad to say you have actually come to the right place, sometimes you go out of words to use for your girlfriend when you talk on phone or go out on a date, you can surprise her right now with Sweet Love Letter.

Below are wonderful Sweetest Love Letter for Your Girlfriend, that can wow her at any time of the day, you want to let your girlfriend your girlfriend know how happy you are knowing her, go no further, these Sweetest Love Letter for Your Girlfriend will make her jump for joy and fill her heart with delight.


You would do no wrongs in my eyes, I don’t think I will ever have a reason to love you less because in you I have everything, your love is all I need, it’s like the air I breathe, I love you so much.


Your love for me knows no bound, it’s just amazing! Your love for me is infinite, I feel it all the time, you care for me like am the only precious thing you have, you are far more than what you think you are to me, you are everything to me.

I see my life changing focus, I see the work of my hands prospering and flourish, and I see my future shining so bright, all these are courtesy of your love for me, it’s right to say you bring me good luck. I love you my good luck charm.


I will love you all the days of my life, I won’t get tired loving you, it’s you or no one else, loving you non-stop is the plan, I want to give you all my love, I want to be with you all my life and in my next, I love you my beauty queen.


Like the way I can’t do without my eyes, I can’t also do without you, my life is incomplete without you in it, and you are an integral part of me, living my life without you will be meaningless, not even worth of pity. Thanks for being the queen of my heart.


Despite my being indifferent you love me still, even in my worst days and sometimes nonchalant attitude, you still care for me like never before, sometimes I wonder if I am the one with the charm or you are, but I want you to know that loving you is what I will do the rest of my life, you deserve it all and more, thank my sweets.


For all the good tidings this relationship has brought me, I just want to take out time and appreciate you in my life, your good works will not go unnoticed in the sight of God and I promise to love you till eternity for as long as I live I will serve you because you love me unconditionally.


I am glad that we are still together after everything it’s true what they say, that true friendship is always together in true spirit, thanks for being a good friend to me.


Come rain come shine always remember that I care so much for you, I will always be here if you need anything, I love you my darling.


I just can’t get enough, your love lifted me when nothing else would do, you are my little sunshine, and whenever I am with you I don’t feel any pain. I love you so much.


Baby, I want you, it’s just you I need, it took me so long to find the one I love, I am so glad we found each other, I want nobody else but you, I need you in my life.


Sometimes my friends ask me, how do we do it, how have we been together for so long and still waxing strong? I just laugh and tell them to look here, we love each other, there is really nothing to it, our love will last a lifetime.

I know I have failed so many days to take time to tell you I love you and appreciate you in my life, even though these words are simple to say I forget them regardless, and it pains me a lot, I want to take time and say sorry to you my world, forgive me, I love you, my angel, these words will be on my lips at the wake of each new day.


Sometimes I get caught up with life issues and I start to worry, I get down and alone in thoughts, I feel like a lost child without a home, but the kind of love you give me just keeps me hanging on, all I will ever need is you, thank you for being there for me, love you so much.


You are my world, you are my love and always will be mine, you are my first and last, you are my future, my present, loving you is all I will ever do, because I need you in my life, I love you.

Some men have gone round the world in search of precious stones, some men follow rainbows and start some men search for gold and brass, but I am glad to have found my treasure in my heart, you are my treasure, your love keeps me going. I love you scatter.


Without your love I know I would have never found my way, you were there for me through thick and thin, when I wouldn’t sleep at night you would stay awake with me through the nights and fall sleep in each other’s hands. I am really glad I have got you, you are my treasure I love you so much.


Hi, my baby, can you take a peep through your window, you see how the sun brightens up the day? that’s how you brighten up my morning whenever I am awake, I just want to let you know that if I could control distance we will never be far from each other, you mean the world to me, I love you.


The love you give me is unique

The smile you give me leaves lovely memories

the way you twinkle your eyes makes me jealous, how does one have all these lovely traits?

I have a life that is incomplete without you in it.

Darling, I love you.


Its when You give me those beautiful smiles that make me happy throughout the day, you just smile innocently at me and I love it, it costs you nothing but it means everything to me, it happens in splits seconds but my dear these memories of your smiles last forever in my heart, I would do everything I can to keep you smiling, smile on my baby.


If your heart were prison I would gladly be held captive in there for a lifetime, if my heart were in your care it would be the safest place it will ever be, my greatest joy in life will be spending the rest of my life with you, please be mine I need happiness and in you I have got all the happiness I will ever need.


You are a divine gift from God, because I have come across many even loved some but none has been so unique and true like you, I love you so much that it seems there are not enough days in my life to spend with you, you are the best thing God created, and I am extremely blessed to have you in my life.


If kisses were money I’d send you billions of dollars every day of my life, if smiles were seconds I will give hours of bliss daily, if text messages were water I will send you an ocean every morning, I love you so much that I will spend my lifetime thanking God I have you.

To smile is to live livelily, your smile gives one life day after day I keep loving you more, you are such a rare gem, your love …………………(enter your name)

Short cute letters for him or her


Hello Sweets


The distance between us matters not to me, this is because you are unique and a rare gem, you have even told me distance will only make us stronger, no matter the distance between us my love will never stop growing, for some reasons we can’t be together now,  but soon we will be in each other’s arm. love you so much.

Dearest (Enter your name)


Dear Baby


Girl, you are the best, you are my world, I want to love you for life, but if all this is just one long dream, I don’t mind sleeping an eternity. you are like sweet choco to me, and no matter where you are I will always carry you in my heart. I love you so much.


Humble(Enter your name here)


Hey Sweetest


I trust you are well, want to pour out my heart to you, do you know many thought that we would have gone our separate ways? despite all these evil predictions and coupled with the fact that we are miles away from each other, each day our love keeps growing stronger, I won’t lie that I don’t miss you, I miss your tender touch, I miss your body and I miss your presence here too, but you are away for some good reasons, and I have you close to my heart. I really love you so much my cupcake.

Honie Pie.







Hey, Baby Girl, I was just sitting here thinking about how much I love you. I love you so much that if I tried to really write how much I love you, I would be constantly writing for the rest of my life.

You bring out so much in me that I'm just beginning to see. It's like when we are together, the rest of the world disappears, and nothing else matters but us. I hope I feel this way forever. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you with everything I have to give. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve someone as loving as you are. Do you know how long I have waited to have someone like you in my life?

It wasn't luck that brought us together. You are a blessing to me and I wouldn't trade the way I feel about you for anything in this world. You are the reason why I smile. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up every morning, and you are the last thing I think about every night before I close my eyes, but our time together doesn't end there because you are the only thing I dream about. I really do want to spend the rest of my life with you if you will allow me to. Nothing is too much to give you. I feel that if you're not happy, then the world needs to stop until you are!

Baby, I just want to thank you for loving me like you do, and I am forever in your debt, just for you being good to me. You know, it is strange how I had to go through so many bad situations before you came into my life. I guess it really is true when they say good things come to those who wait because I've waited for someone like you all my life, and you really are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I want to be with you till death do us part! I love you, Baby Girl!

I Will Keep Waiting For You

I sometimes wonder what you're doing, or whether you are thinking of me, like I'm thinking of you. I have been thinking of you for 20 years, since the day I was born, really.

You have been elusive to me in so many ways but, because none of my objects of infatuation turned out to be you, I feel as if life sometimes may have fooled me, yet I know you are out there. I mean, how could I have seen your face and still overlooked you? Or how could I have heard your voice utter words and not have found anyone that sounded like you? Are you in the stars every time I look up? Of course you are. You are the clouds in the skies, the songs the bird sing every morning. You are everywhere, really. I know you are real. I just constantly wonder why I have not found you yet.

Why haven't I been able to say all that I want, show you all that I am, and give you all I have now? Why is time making us wait so long? We don't know, because this is a factor beyond our control. I will always love you, Darling, and when we finally find each other, it will be God's greatest reward.

So, wherever you are, know that I love you and you will be the one that lurked passionately in my dreams. Know that I am always longing for you and your presence. Know that you will always be everything to me. Even though I have not yet met you yet, I love you, my spirit lover.

Too many days go by without my saying how incredibly fortunate I feel to be with you--but it's true. When we're together, my life takes on new meaning and new freshness. Each morning, each night, and each moment beside you contains all the beauty and vibrancy I could ever hope for.

Thank you for filling my days with love, and for making my toes squirm and my heart flutter. Thank you for always listening to me, for sharing your thoughts with me, for supporting me, and for giving me the chance to support you. Thank you for enriching every aspect of my life, and for continually inspiring me to do better and to be a better person.

I love you more than words can say.

When I try to describe your beauty, your smile, your kind heart, I find that my words only begin to scratch the surface of my love for you. You are too amazing, too much of a wonder for language to describe. When we are together, and with each gesture you make, and each word that you utter, I realize, more and more, how special and caring you are, and how lucky I am to be with you. When we are not together, the very thought of you brings me more fully to life.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you. You are a blessing to me!

How can I express my feelings when those feelings take my breath away? How can I measure my love for you when that love compares to nothing else, and when that love exceeds all categories and all expectations? No words can express these realities. No words can express my love for you because you are indescribable, and my love for you is immeasurable.

Simply looking into your eyes sends me through a whirlwind of intense emotions. Just one brief smile from you fills my life with radiance and joy. Until the day I met you, I had never before felt so full of hope and passion. I want you to know, I am forever grateful to be with you. You have given me a heart full of love and days full of laughter, and I will give myself to you always.

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