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Research Paper On Electricity Crisis In Pakistan


Executive Summary:

Electricity Shortage in Pakistan becomes more severe during the year 2005-2006due to extensive use luxurious appliances of electricity by domestic users.Accordingto the report, in the fiscal year 2005-06, some 2,250MW power was required tooperate some 7.7 million electric home appliances i.e. number of refrigerators in thecountry were 1,100,000 and power required for them was estimated at 110MW, thenumber of deep freezers were estimated at 200,000 and required power for themstood at 60MW, some 1,000MW power was required to run 2 million airconditioners. These figures are so alarming for Pakistan because in the decadestarting from 1991 these appliances are less than a half million. the study was madeon the topic shortage of electricity in Pakistan in comparison with air conditionersimported and produced during this study the hypothesis were set as, isElectricity shortage in Pakistan is caused by Industrial growth or massive use of Airconditioners by domestic users. However after finding out and analyzing the datathat the increased domestic use of air conditioners is the cause of electricityshortage in Pakistan.

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People in Pakistan are facing many problems due to load shedding which is a result of electricity shortages. This study investigated the consequences of electricity shortage on daily routines and overall performance of people in Pakistan. Data has been collected through video recorded interviews and written comment-based interviews using a social network of “Face Book” as suggested by QSR-International (2012). Sample includes students, housewives, professional workers and businessmen who are living in Pakistan. The study identified 22 different results of electricity shortage in daily routines of people in Pakistan. Sleeplessness, incompletion of tasks, use of alternative resources and inefficient learning have been found to be the more critical results of electricity shortage. Furthermore, these consequences of electricity shortage can be divided into social and psychological problems. It is concluded that the shortage of electricity has changed the lives of people in Pakistan irrespective of their professions.