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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Audio Lingual Method Essay



learners repeatedly until such responses

 become a “habit” that enables learners to

successfully produce accurate responses without clues or prompting by the teacher.This discussion aims to further understand the Audio-lingual Method andexplore the advantages and disadvantages of employing it in the second languageclassroom. The author also puts out her recommendations for the use of the ALM inthe second language classroom.


By the first half of the twentieth century, the Direct Method had lost its popularity inthe U.S. However, it is believed that the decline of the Direct Method brought aboutthe emergence of the ALM. As Brown (2001) puts it:

“ the middle of the twentieth century, the Direct Method was revived and 

redirected into what was probably the most visible of all language teaching

“revolutions” in the modern era, the Audio


lingual Method.”

The U.S. educational institutions at the time still believed that a readingapproach like the Grammar Translation Method was more practical than an oral one.Therefore the 1930s and 1940s saw the Grammar Translation Method going strong inall schools across the U.S.However, after World War II, the U.S. saw an urgent need for her to be orallyproficient in the language of her allies as well as foes. This led to a drastic change in


Audio-lingual Method II

Teaching English

The English language has become the most spoken language in the world,even, English is the language of business and a lot of people speak it, though, it is not their native language. And it is because nowadays, a lot of enterprises and companies demand acertain level of English to their employees and the people who apply for a job. Most of them have learned the language by using the Audio-lingual Method, because they just knowhow to speak the language, but they do not know about grammar.Learning by using this method became very popular and it was adopted in everyschool that teaches English, because they wanted to increase the English level of their students, even, this method is one of the most used in basic level, because it shows thecorrect pronunciation of the words and corrects the mistakes done at the moment. In thisresearch we are going to study the following questions:

What is the History of the Audio-lingual Method?

What is the Audio-lingual Method and its principal principles?

What are the goals of the Audio-lingual Method?

What techniques are involved in this Method?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Audio-lingual Method?Through the reading of this topic, we will realize about the uses of this method and how touse it, because it has its techniques and the teacher has to have a very good speaking skill inorder to develop the students´ speaking skills. The answers of the questions above areinteresting and show exactly what most of English teachers use to do in their classes