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Essay Topics British Culture Quiz

3 You Give Love a Bad Name and Livin’ on a Prayer were early hits for which band?

4 What was the surname of Del Boy and Rodney in Only Fools and Horses?

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5 In which year was a cinematic Space Odyssey set?

6 Who was the lead singer of T. Rex?

7 Which silent movie actor created “The Little Tramp” character?

8 In which film does the line “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” appear?

9 Who plays Lewis in Morse and its spin-off, Lewis?

10 What is Indiana Jones’s profession?

11 Which policeman was at the centre of the Pink Panther movies?

12 Which musical instruments are also called Kettledrums?

13 Some Enchanted Evening, Happy Talk and There is Nothing Like a Dame are songs from which musical?

14 Which long-running Australian series is set in Summer Bay?

15 In which film does a farmer played by Kevin Costner build a baseball diamond in his cornfield?

16 Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the main characters in which television series?

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17 Which former schoolteacher from Neath has become a big-selling singer?

18 Who played Maximus Decimus Meridius in a 2000 Ridley Scott film?

19 “Who loves ya, baby” was a catchphrase of which lollipop-sucking detective?

20 How many red balloons did Nena take into the pop charts?

21 “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into” is a quote associated with which duo?

22 Which of the Muppets did a stand-up comedy routine which tended not to be particularly good?

23 Which film character said: “My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get”?

24 In what sort of music might you hear scat singing?

25 Which television series is set in William McKinley High School, Lima, Ohio?

26 With which band did Pete Doherty come to fame?

Photo: Lewis Whyld

27 Which soap opera started in 1972, and lost a word from its title in 1989?

28 What started with Sergeant in 1958 and ended with Columbus in 1992?

29 What is the name of the character played by Michael Douglas in the Wall Street films?

30 From which opera does the March of the Toreadors come?

31 Who played the Vicar of Dibley?

32 What are the surnames of the title characters in Romeo and Juliet?

33 Which London thoroughfare shares its name with a 1978 Gerry Rafferty hit?

34 From which animated film did the song Bright Eyes come?

35 For which film did Maurice Jarre compose Lara’s Theme?

36 What 1976 album gave Jean Michel Jarre his breakthrough?

37 First performed in 1918, who composed The Planets suite?

38 Which 1990 comedy horror film had the tag-line “Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude”?

39 Of which television series was Jack Bauer the protagonist?

40 What connects Sandie Shaw, Lulu, Brotherhood of Man, Bucks Fizz and Katrina and the Waves?

41 The series Smallville is about the early years of which superhero?

42 What was the follow-up to Jurassic Park called?

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43 Played by Hugh Laurie, who is Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital?

44 Tiger Feet was which band’s first number one single, in 1974?

45 The 1975 film Rooster Cogburn, starring John Wayne as the title character, was a sequel to which film released six years earlier?

46 Which DCI lives in Causton?

47 Which trio’s albums include Dookie, Insomniac and Warning?

48 David Dickinson is a television expert on which subject?

49 From which musical does the song Memory come?

50 What is the name of the lion cub in Born Free?

51 Who composed 12 variations on the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

52 Who made his screen debut in the 1928 film Steamboat Willie?

53 How was Jaime Sommers known in a television series of the Seventies and 2000s?

54 Who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

55 What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?

56 Which instrument did jazz legend Miles Davis play?

57 Lulu accompanied which band on the 1993 hit Relight My Fire?

58 Who is “Queen of Shops” in a BBC Two series?

59 Despite the legend, in which film is “Play it again Sam” never actually said?

60 “The Lass that Loved a Sailor” is the subtitle of which Gilbert and Sullivan work?

Part Two

1 What is Don Diego de la Vega’s alter ego?

2 “Here we come/ Walking down the street/ We get the funniest looks from/ Everyone we meet...” Which band did this apply to?

3 Who lived at 52 Festive Road and regularly visited a fez-wearing shopkeeper?

4 What type of music did John Philip Sousa write?

5 “You had your time/ You had the power/ You’ve yet to have your finest hour” are lines from which Queen song?

Photo: Martyn Goddard / REX

6 Bill and Ben Porter and their offspring were the main characters in which sit-com?

7 Which acclaimed singer-songwriter began his career with Fairport Convention and made a number of albums with his then wife Linda?

8 Which insects topped the chart for Owl City with their debut single?

9 Which sit-com was set in Walmington-on-Sea?

10 What was the Titfield Thunderbolt?

11 Craig Phillips was the first winner of which television series?

12 What was the name of the Pet Detective in a couple of 1990s films?

13 Which word precedes both Kitten and Rooster in the name of bands who’ve had top 10 singles?

14 Who went Singin’ in the Rain in a 1952 film?

Photo: Moviestore Collection / REX

15 Who got soaked portraying a policeman in a comic television adaptation of the song – Singin’ in the Rain?

16 According to the Guinness Book of Records, who is the world’s most successful and popular pianist?

17 Against whom did Captain Scarlet fight?

18 The birdcatcher Papageno and the Queen of the Night appear in which Mozart opera?

19 What was Fatty Arbuckle the first cinematic recipient of, in the 1913 film A Noise from the Deep?

20 Monkswell Manor is the location for which famous play?

21 Yours Truly Angry Mob was a chart-topping album for which band?

22 Which film depicts the defence of Rorke’s Drift?

23 Which 1985 film had the tagline “He’s the only kid ever to get into trouble before he was born”?

24 Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Richard de Vere were the protagonists of which sit-com?

25 Whose 2010 debut album is called Lights?

26 What was the surname of siblings John Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Jim-Bob, Ben and Elizabeth, residents in Virginia, USA?

27 Dick Grayson is the real name of which superhero?

28 Which band comprises vocalist Tom Chaplin, pianist Tim Rice-Oxley and drummer Richard Hughes?

29 What did Joseph possess in a Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?

30 In which James Bond film was there the following exchange: “You expect me to talk?” “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!”?

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