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3e7x1 Assignments Due

- Inspects new construction for inclusion of fire protection features/verifies the operation of installed systems
- Assists in conducting preliminary fire investigations/leads in training the base populace in fire prevention
- Prepares lesson plans and instructional materials; ensures National Fire Protection Association compliance
- Supervises inspections and organizational preventative maintenance on $2.5M of fire fighting/support vehicles

- 1 of 12 OSHA cmte mbrs; insp'd 98 line item TIG/made 4 recommendations--ensured saftey of 187 prsnl flt
- 1 of only XX mbrs cert'd on rapid intervention veh; taught 12 hr ops to 2 prsnl--enhance dept capes by 10%
- 1st ladder on scene for mutual aid/4 alarm fire; provided defensive ops w/24 firefighters/10 veh--saved 3 businesses
- 911 center supervisor; oversaw 290 responses; 3 MEDEVAC's, ensured response times met--3 lives saved!
- Accessed infant locked in a hot car; used forcible entry tools to bypass lock--baby returned to mother unharmed
- Aced FEMA ICS 300/400 crs; honed 80 hrs of advanced incident command trng--elevated C2 knowledge/capabilities
- Activated 911/identified Amn in distress; conducted initial assessment/treated shock--expedited transportation
- Additional Duty 1st Sgt; provided ldrshp/counseling for > 300 prsnl--enhanced capability to comm w/sq ldrshp
- Adjunct Incident Management instructor; taught 40 hr FEMA C2 crs--lifted Eglins emer resp cape w/22 cert's
- Advanced HN Approval coord; 34 projects/$1.53M queued for construction--upheld $2B NATO infrastructure
- Advanced PPE Insp Mgr; oversaw decontamination/testing/repair for 99 fire suits--33 repairs/$132K gear c/w NFPA
- AF Ambassador; Demo'd robots/bomb suit, thrilled 6 yr old w/ life threatening illness--commended by GP/CC
- AF largest fire resp fleet VCO; 55 veh's/worth $12.5M--93% in-svc rate/aided 96 TW "Effective" UEI rating
- AFCEC focal point! Piloted flt's CDC/Qual pgrms; verified/processed 70 pkgs--24 prsnl awded national certs
- Aided building of $700K 1.6M gal fuel farm/15 acre ops area--project closed 10 days early/$600K under cost
- Aided county structure fire resp; secured water supply for 3 engines--extinguished fire for investigation/recovery ops
- Aligned manpower w/5 MAJCOMs; mngd 5K PCS/54 PRP/3K retentions/$9M--6.2K Amn postured AF-wide
- Alt. flt Saftey Rep; crafted four briefings/46 personnel attended; enhanced flt safety knowledge/zero mishaps
- Analyzed 371 hrs of FMV for 39 SOF objectives; derived intel facilitated kill/capture of 21 Taliban/Al-Qaeda
- Applied life saving medical care during veh accident; stabilized victim/vitals--expedited patient transport/recovery
- Appointed by 96 TW/CC as Major Graded Area Co-Champion--evaluated 7 groups/ensured mission execution
- Appointed Secretary Flt OH cmte; scheduled/documented mtg's--ensured safe work conditions for 188 mbr's
- Approved 15+ orders/travel vouchers; provided QC/eliminated FWA--ensured proper dispersal of over $45K
- Architect of MAFR fire analysis; eliminated unsafe trend/dev'd new prescribed burn tactics--SOCOM's #1 trng prgm
- Assessed overdose patient; established airway/administered oxygen/packaged--aided in rapid ALS transport/recovery
- Assigned as fuel valve control officer; eliminated 4.5K square yards vegetation--cleared firing line for base defenders
- Assisted county response; investigated hotel w/reported smoke--ensured 150 occupants evac'd facility safely
- Assisted ejected motorist; obtained vitals & prepared for advanced care--pt transported within "Golden Hour"
- Assisted hose testing prgm; inspected 13K ft/valued at $22K--prevented fireground mishaps/ensured reliability
- Assisted in the field-delivery of a baby! provided O2 to mother/treated shock--safeguarded the mother & child
- Assisted Niceville FD during trng exer; helped instruct ventilation procedures--bolstered mutual aid capability
- Assisted VCO/placed eight vehicles in svc; tracked 148 items valued at $7.2M--ensured 100% equipment readiness
- Assisted w/ Agent Count program; revamped checklists/corrected 12 write-ups--AOR rqmnt 100% compliant
- Assisted w/ CPR crse; six Amn certified/spearheaded set-up/tear-down; ready responder to flight!
- Assisted w/ Grp SCBA prgrm; tested/maintained 173 SCBA's to strict NFPA standards; ensured 100% I/S rate
- Assisted w/acft arresting sys recert; operated BAK 12 rewind equip--ensured air field ops readiness capability
- Assisted w/annual hose test; 13K ft of fire hose worth $22K--ensured 100% compliance w/national standards
- Assisted w/annual service testing of 13K ft of fire hose worth $22K; ensured 100% compliance with nat'l std's
- Assisted w/eight facility fire alarm system acceptance tests--ensured 100% code compliance w/o compromise
- Assisted w/HVAC burn-offs; eliminated fire hazards in 148 dorms/1.8K rooms--reduced false alarms by 30%
- Assisted w/install of $260K fire alarm update; sys enhanced bldg id info--decreased response times by 19 sec
- Assisted w/logistics accountability; tracked/ID'd 1.4K equipment inventory; readied $1.7M kit for contractor turnover
- Assisted w/seven fire truck capacity tests; conducted pump ops--ensured 95% compliance with national stds
- Attended 4 hr Smoke Toxicity class; applied knowledge to real-world--ensured crew safety from cyanide gas
- Attended F-16/A-10 fam; trained on wpns safing & egress procedures--decr'd response time for IFEs by 15%
- Augmented AFMC IG; inspected 12 FES prgm's/eval'd 3 task evals--identified 5 shortfalls & CAPS for base
- Augmented CE Alarm Shop; charged seven standpipe systems/id'd four discrepancies--validated life safety std
- Augmented CE; pumped/cleared out septic lines for three dormitories--resulted in resumed utilities for 216 occupants
- Augmented heavy equip flt; laid AM-2 matting/28K sq ft--saved AF $1.5M in pavement cost/expanded acft area 27%
- Authored 17 veh surveillance products; illustrated enemy actions/intentions; steered GFC's cmbt msn planning
- Authored PPE risk analysis; ID'd 55 FES job hazards/justified Proximity Gear phase-out--initiative saved AF $74.5K
- Authored ultra-high pressure research project; paper accepted by college--developed tactics to suppress munition fire
- Average Airman/performer; met requirements for dress/appearance/fitness standards--supports msn accomplishment
- Averted maritime disaster; provided extinguishment for boat fire/halted spread--saved 100 boats/$400K facility/equip
- Awd'd 5-lvl upgrade; executed 114 tasks/three cert's--cmplt'd three months ahead of schedule/raised resp capes 10%
- Battled blaze/30 MPH wind; attacked/confined fire/prevented wildland emergency--protected $500K facility
- Board president over qrtly awd board; mngd 3 mbrs/interviewed 6 nominees--ensured fair selection process
- By-name request for newspaper article; showcased robotics/deployed msn--promoted AF technical recruiting
- C2 for cardiac arrest emerg; led response/provided CPR/oxygen/stabilized patient/packaged for transport--saved life!
- C2 wildland fire; led 7 prsnl/requested outside agencies/extinguished all fires--minimized damage to 30 acres
- Called to vehicle accident on hwy 85; established protection zone--restored safe traffic flow in under 10 mins
- CC trusted agent/WIT for base exer; id'd vulnerabilities/provided evaluation oversight--strengthened 10-2 capabilities
- Cert'd PTL; created FES fitness prgm/tracked progress/coached 42 mbrs--68% excellent/exceeded base avg by 13%
- Chaired AF FES Vehicle Training prgm; standardized lesson plan/test for 20 vehs--best practice by AFMC A3
- Championed fire safety; inspected five bldgs/seven kitchen hood & duct sys'--reduced potential for fire ignition
- Cmplt'd DoD Rescue Technician course; achieved 96% average on EOC--increased rescue response capabilities 10%
- Cmpltd robotic telemetry upgrade; wpns data recovery finished 3 mos early--saved AF $1M in future msn costs
- Cmplt'd Telecommunicator I/II CDC/three licenses; 94% on EOC exam/59 drivers trng hrs--incr'd flt resp capes 10%
- Co-chaired Group CC's going away lunch/CoC; crafted script/directed 14 mbrs--lauded by in/outgoing CCs/families
- Combat Life Saver; responded to forklift crush victim/assisted intravenous therapy/stabilized pt--saved soldiers limb
- Comm spt for suspect IED; provided direct link for cmd post/EOD team--protect'd 15K base housing residents
- Command'd BAK 12 barrier annual re-cert; directed 8 prsnl/rewind op--safeguard'd $7M acft arresting system
- Commanded base housing gas leak; pinpointed source/ventilated toxic vapors--evac'd family of four/relocated to TLF
- Commanded emer on high-priority facility; led extinguishment/ventilation--mitigated interruption to operations
- Commanded F-16 hydrazine leak; provided rapid vapor suppression--eliminated life hazard for 12 responder
- Commanded incident on high-priority building; led extinguishment/ventilation--minimized uninterrupted operations
- Committed 20 hrs of instruction to Amn in upgrade training; sharpened technical skills crucial toward of 5 lvl
- Comp'd USA Combat Lifesaver crs; passed 40 hr practical/written basic life safety evals--enhanced TF msn readiness
- Compiled data for AF-wide foam appraisal; accounted for 1.4K gal in 5 bldgs--prep'd contamination report for CEIE
- Compiled vital prsnl info; constructed 59 responder id tags--ensured success of on-scene C2 accountability sys
- Completed Incident Safety Officer CDC; scored 86% on EOC--utilized expertise on structural fire/two veh accidents
- Completed rigorous Rescue Tech I Course; IFSAC/DoD certified--improved flights technical rescue capability
- Conducted 193 facility insp; identified 160 safety deficiencies--ensured zero real property fire loss for the year
- Conducted 260+ SOF-specific msn hrs/40 PED msns; provided detailed intel support for two HVI capture/kill
- Conducted 27 hrs of special range mission testing; protected R&D engineers--helped produce next generation muns
- Conducted 35 Life Safety Fire Inspections; corrected 28 errors/findings--safeguarded NATO camp of 400 personnel
- Conducted apparatus pump testing; certified four vehicles valued at $2.5M--saved $40K in contractor costs
- Conducted EM SAV on HTA/GSU; identified 75 POTUS/ODC psnl w/o PPE--formulated COA for resolution
- Conducted expert first responder skills during difficuly breathing; administered O2--expedited patient transport
- Conducted fire risk assessment at Yumatalik Fuel Point; briefed Grp CC--vital to Wg/Turkish AF negotiations
- Conducted J-FIRE training; instructed firefighting techniques/safety procedures--17 members deployment ready
- Conducted mock PT tests for FD Airmen; Ensured compliance with AFIs--helped fellow Amn pass PT tests
- Conducted SDB II removal procedures; recovered fuze components for analysis--restored $29M R&D project
- Conducted trauma assessment on a vehicle accident patient; bandaged wounds/pkg'd for transport--pt recovered
- Conducted weekly equipment inspections; updated 800 AF Form 1071's--zero discrepancies on annual review
- Consistently exceeded AF dress and apperance standards; promoted positive image for newly assigned Airmen
- Contained fire on 96 TW mission; utilized handline to cut off fire--prevented spread to 724 square mile range
- Contained KC-135 fuel spill; isolated leak--eliminated threat to $39M asset/prevented environmental disaster
- Controlled fire at C-80C detonation; performed 3 hr fire attack & salvage ops; saved 92% of wpn data
- Controlled fire at C-80C Hellfire detonation; performed 3 hr fire attack/salvage ops--saved 92% of wpn data
- Converted 21 hard copy pre-fire plans into digitized medium--ensured data access/info analysis at IC fingertips
- Coord deployment readiness crs; instructed/led 19 firefighters on bare base/vehicle ops--maintained SORTS at 100%
- Coord d fire support to 180 test missions; 850 man hrs/Flt reimbursed $60K for support--enabled $1B RDT&E prgm
- Coord'd 4.5K sq yd controlled burn; soaked vegetation w/86 gallons of fuel--cleared firing line for base/5K defenders
- Coord'd dplymnt readiness trng; instructed 19 firefighters on bare base/vehicle ops--maintained SORTS 100%
- Coord'd install of $181K recording sys; trained 9 dispatchers--improved emer comm data retrieval/nat'l accred
- Coord'd Tier II UCC training for deficient personnel--10 dispatchers certified/comm/C2 efficiency increased by 40%
- Coordinat'd monthly GSU site visits; upheld service contractor compliance--safed $85M in Joint/NATO assets
- Coordinated 120 46 TW range missions; protected classified assets/safeguarded personnel--earned flight $20K
- Coordinated 23 welding permits; ensured contractors adhered to 96 TW safety requirements--zero mishaps
- Coordinated 52 range standbys; ensured 156 fire dept prsnl/52 veh available range ops--zero msn degradation
- Coordinated 911 response for heart attack patient; quickly dispatched medical crews--actions help save a life
- Coordinated mutual aid response; dispatched three agencies/seven veh's/14 personnel--enabled mitigation in

- Responded to F-35 w/ reported avionics failure; provided fire coverage for pilot/rescue crew--saved 130Mil aircraft

- Sustained patient airway; initiat'd contact/provid'd cervical spine collar/yield'd O2/aided transportation--conserv'd life

- Audited firefighter PPE; id'd national fire safety standard deficiency--ensured ctr met 100% NFPA compliance

- Discovered new contract rqmt; choreographed ctr/mil joint FEMA training course--alleviated FOL write up

- Oversaw Health & Welfare prgm; ensured 569 AEF/TDY/foreign nat'l partners lodging/MWR--stds exceeded

- Enforced proper AF safety standards; id'd failure to report accident/incident/mishaps--corrected deficiencies

- Volunteered 16 hrs to local community; supplied toys & mentored 172 youths--US/Curacao relations enhanced

- Evaluated 68 FD exercises; enhanc'd firefighters abilities to perform/analyze critical core tasks--Promote now!

- Monitored/Evaluated $170M contract transition; conducted 83 FD/ES&H audits--id'd four non-conformances

- Critical to counter-drug msn success; supported 2.5K flt hrs--enabled seizure of 90 tons illicit drugs worth $2B

- Assessed fire department SOP's; manning & risk mgmt plans approved--eluded airfield ops stoppage. Promote!

- Managed flt trng prgm; 49 DoD certifications, 88% EOC avg, 13 hrs/35 CDCs--17 fire fighters scored >90%
- Implemented multi-org IT initiative; coord "E911" dispatch install--real time caller ID capability, 800+ events
- Sq's SIPRNET IA Officer; implemented token card initiative/security validation--32 accounts IAW AF policies
- Led Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation prgm; ID'd overdue/coord three crs's--18 Amn certified/SORTS at 97%

- Supported IG planning cell; org'd active shooter exercise, 150 personnel, 30 injects--validated FW capability
- Revamped annual trng plan; retooled 154 item agenda to mirror surety requirements--eliminated ORI finding
- Managed flt's mobile radio accounts; recovered eight units, sourced/secured funds--svd $63K replacement cost
- GPC approving official; managed four cardholders/412 core requirements--$219K O&M, all msn's executed
- Completed demanding Asst Chief certification; 13 exercise evaluations--qualified to serve as Incident Cmdr
- Mastered FEMA prgm; aced seven requirements/six education units--achieved Emergency Mgmt certification
- Coord lodging, transportation and trng schedules; inspected 12 buildings--prepared XXXXX firefighters for NSI
- Managed HAZMAT Ops prgm; tested/eval'd response agencies--21 EOD, seven Bio-Environmental certified
- MSG Deployment Control Ofcr; routed waivers/coord transport & chock times--31 FW ready when msn calls
- Lobbied F-16 access; enabled 20 hrs/10 exercises, XXXXX/USAF trng--certified/solidified mutual aid response
- Arranged Tech Rescue crs; acquired site, equipment for three wk/120-hr crs--14 Amn confined space certified
- Primed flt for NSI; conducted 72 hrs surety vault trng/validated procedures--FW awd'd highest rating; promote!
- Led FD vulnerability assessment; ID'd & corrected FD entry control/risk survey deficiencies--86 Amn secured
- Org'd FEMA 300/400 crs; gathered manuals/instructors--19 emrgency responders trained for complex C2 ops

- Joint trng liaison; oversaw combat skills trng/logistics spt for 63 Amn--validated 100% battle rdy warfighters
- Deployed QRF team lead; instructed 6 FOBs/5 countries--trained 106 Amn on new ARFF apparatus/systems
- Coordinated/tested 8.5K ft of fire hose; met stringent ntn'l std--guaranteed life safety source for 212 firefighters
- Managed XXXXX fire prevention program; inspected 35 facilities--identified/mitigated 15 life safety hazards
- Reorganized AOR storage warehouse; inventoried/restructured area--shipped $250K vital assets to 3 FOBs
- ID'd discrepancy w/ARFF Striker infrared sys; created troubleshooting guide/corrected error--AOR informed
- Certified IFSAC Confined Space Rescue; scored amazing 98% EOC--increased flight emergency C2 capability
- Enrolled in SNCO req crse 14; attained vital mgmt knowledge--advanced org supervisory/leadership toolbox
- Deployed VCO; scheduled maint/trans of 14 HMMWV valued at $700K--100% on time rate...AOR msn intact
- Volunteered for USO Independence Day event; attended by 210 soldiers--improved wounded warriors morale
- Primed & combat ready Amn--indispensable during 5 ORE prep events--vital in Wing's "Excellent" ORI rating
- Energetic leader! Possesses superior SNCO leadership skills/motivation needed in today's AF--promote now
- Spearheaded XXXXXX/Army transition; relocated $2.2M in equip/veh's--negative impact to emer svc delivery
- Key player in flt earning USAFE "Sanborn" Lrg Fire Dept award for '10; dubbed best-of-the-best in MAJCOM
- Superlative Fire Protection knowledge; ready for SNCO leadership responsibilities--promote to MSgt now!

- Managed $250K LMR accts; obtained $2K radios/implemented battery replacement plan--secured vital Comm
- Diagnosed communication failure; coord/expedited grounding fault remedy--secured wg emergency C3 element
- Coordinated responses; completed 409 emergency work orders for 500 facilities--upheld $800M infrastructure
- Oversaw records mgmt upgrade; led seamless transition/tracked 754 incidents--accurate USAFE fire reporting
- Led fire sys upgrade; replaced 241 facility transmitters--delivered digital age technology/increased reliability
- GPC approving official; tracked/managed $203K budget--enabled flt to continue quality service to 8,500 mbrs
- Facilitated 911 center upgrade; coord w/5 agencies & 12 work orders--project on time at 40% milestone mark
- Managed wg emergency call center; 352 fire alarms, 62 A/C and 101 medical emergencies; no major mishaps
- Expert! Conducted performance evaluations/testing for Telecommunicator CDCs--certified 17 new dispatchers
- Authored ECC 35 pg trng plan; validated/standardized/streamlined process--Amn returned to duty 20% faster
- Meticulously tracked & ID'd repairs; wg fire alarm system in commission rate >90%--infrastructure protected
- Solid ldrship; troops rated Outstanding during Controlled Area Penetration exercise--secured ECC validation
- Facility manager/five buildings >$4.9M; implemented 113 work orders/332s--improved living/working space
- Initiated lockout prgm for wg; developed clear checklist/procedures--expedited access for >500 Amn; promote
- ID'd Centracom sys failure; researched/acquired battery components--avoided ordering new/saved AF >$12K
- Expedited Monaco transceiver upgrade; ID'd/relocated unused transmitters--five critical buildings online/$3K
- Controlled area monitor; identified trng deficiency & trained 44 Amn--2012 SAV rated Outstanding; promote!
- Flawless Technical Order Program; validated by two inspections--100% pass rate/zero discrepancies noted
- Organized quick response team; coord wg agencies for A/C shelter door failures--poised to respond

- C2 at massive fuel storage fire--provided textbook fireground direction; mitigated scene...svd $150K in assets
- Lead Fire Inspector--ID'd/corrected alarm notification deficiency...enhanced fire protection for Army soldiers
- Evaluated Romanian water system--set up two emergency firefighting sources...bolstered fireground operations
- Readiness pgrm NCOIC--ensured AEF requirements were met by 64 deployment delays noted
- Led 40 hrs trng--gave extinguisher evals to 365 Services employees...critical inspection item 100% compliant
- Dedicated SNCO--Airman's Creed recital squad leader...performed for Aviano senior leaders; two CC calls
- Excellent manager--coor'd new AEF rotation for fire protection career fld...eased transition for 72 firefighters
- Discovered/worked fire extinguisher surplus--eliminated 70 redundant halon units...svd AF $150K in mx costs
- Focused on education--CLEP'd Ethics; Social Sciences...maintained 3.5 GPA; enrolled in Teaching BA pgrm
- Finished AF writing class--improved vital comm five winning Amn/NCO of Month awards
- Led flt AFSA membership drive--sign'd 20 Amn up for premier lobby group...chapter #1 in USAFE for growth
- Active mentor--spearhead'd Firefighter Association membership drive...increas'd department membership 25%
- Active Sq Booster Club member--cooked 80 breakfast burritos...raised $200 for Sq morale building activities
- Donated 12 hours to AADD pgrm; credited w/ 11 "saves"--kept roads safe for AF/host nation...promote now!
- ID'd deployment deficiency--worked 25 official passports for EU msns...increased flt TDY readiness by 30%
- Led flawless C2--mitigated wildland, vehicle and two trash fires...prevented damage to $120K in DoD assets
- Key to flt capturing '08 USAFE "Best Fire and Emergency Services Flight" runner-up award...promote at once!
- Deploy'd 161 dys to Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania--secur'd $443M in DoD'd NATO exercise
- Facilitated budding US relationship--train'd/mentor'd Romanian firefighters...elevated safety for 1.2K warriors
- Professional SNCO--leadership key to team "Award of Excellence" for '08 USAFE IG SI...promote to SMSgt!

- Instructed 4 French firefighters on crash/rescue vehs; provided hands-on demo--bonded diplomatic relations
- Directed crew at AGE equipment fire; identified cause of smoke & fire, quick actions saved $50M assset
- Deployed to Al Dhafra AB; provided fire protection for 3K personnel/40 aircraft/ 40 bldgs valued over $2.5B
- Lead rescueman disconnected battery; removed overheating battery from acft; quick actions saved $50M asset
- Energized flt self-help project; painted interior facility & installed new carpet in dorms; saved Air Force10K
- Mitigated hydraulic leak on KC-10, identified leak/applied absorbent pads; flying mission reopened in

- Positioned tanker for AGE equipment fire; readied crucial resuppy--averted $KC-10 aircraft replacement cost
- Cataloged/annotat'd 14K ft of fire hose to ACES-FD database; enabl'ed 150 emergencies--NFPA 1961 std met
- Completed 2 AERO on-line courses--enhanced personal/professional development and Wing C2 capabilities
- Mitigated over 100 IFE/Ground/Structural/Haz Mat/EMS responses; aid'd in fire safety/acft recovery--$0 loss
- Premier fire protection for 2K pnl, $4.5B aircraft/infrastructure; ensured ISR ops/delivery of 35% AOR's fuel!

- Deployed/supported efforts for OEF/OND/JTF Horn of Africa--1.5K pers/$13B infrastructure w/$0 fire loss
- Provided fire protection for Ex IRON FALCON '11; safeguard'd 96 acft/$4.6B--ensured 223 successful sorties
- Repaired CerTest pgm; 127 vital tests revised--13 ECES AFSCs earned 15 nat'l certs w/100% CDC pass rate
- Authored FES annual trng plan; 302 classes/1.8K hrs/147 mbrs--aligned flight w/AFCESA/FESAP standards
- Took charge! C2 on patient w/critical head trauma; guided bandaging/care/comfort--averted blood loss/shock
- Commanded 5 FFs during AGE equip fire; located/extinguished hot spots--limited damage to $178K AF asset
- Led mitigation for French AF chaff release; decon'd hangar/aircraft/equipment--restored NATO partner OCO
- Completed SNCO level Instuctor III CDC/21 credits toward Fire Science BA w/ 3.5 GPA...enhanced FF skills

- Provided superior fire protection to 1.5K people 252 facilities/46 aircraft--$zero fire loss with $13B at risk!
- Complet'd arduous Fire Instructor II Course; scored an 88% on EOC--increased technical FF knowledge skills
- Filled Station Chief position; managed personnel/training & $2M of equipment--customer service never halted
- Team player dedicated 100+ hours to base beatification process; painted the KIA Memorial; saved AF 20K
- Perseverance all the way; complet'd three semester hrs toward Associates--CCAF degree completion in sight
- Coined by AEW/CCC; artist of KIA memorial-- honoring fallen service mbrs boosting base espirte de corpse
- Deployed handline on AGE equipment fire; provided safe egress for crew--saved $100M Air Force acft asset
- Evacuated/treated 25 mass casualty exercise participants--efforts hailed OUTSTANDING! by Wing evaluators

- Responded to F-15 w/ reported hot brakes; provided fire coverage for pilot/rescue crew-- saved $50M acft
- Mitigated fuel leak in C-130; textbook veh set-up/assisted w/containment--minimized environmental impact
- Evaluated Telecommunicator I/II certification; complied with all NFPA standards--1 Airmen DoD certified
- Filled Station Chief position; managed personnel & $2M of equipment--customer service never halted
- SCBA technician; maintained 100% accountability of packs, cylinders--saved flt $30K in annual repair costs
- Maintained vehicle pump test records; updated/tracked accountability books/ $15M govts assest accounted for
- Actively involved with 380th wing project; dedicated 16 hours to create hauted house--espirit de corps
- Completed Victim Advocate course; 1 of 3 Victim Advocates in CES--provided 1000+ hrs on stand-by phone

- Excut'd AFCENT safety directive; inspected 220 bldgs/fix'd 85 elec hazards--safed 2.8K prsnl/$4B AF assets
- Drove arfld lighting project; 995 RWP hrs/16poles/115 fixtures-support'd KC-10/U2/mitigated $10K contract
- Orchestrat'd elec distro; 850KW pwr sys/266 outlets/124 lts/76 A/C's to 37 tents--enabl'd 360 prsnl beddown

- Managed $1.2M equipment account; inventoried/filled shortfalls/turned in excess equipment--0 discrepancies

- Station Captain; coord crews/granted leave/ensured tng/details completed--28 firefighters ready for duty 24/7

- Deployed 190 days to Mazar-e Sharif Airfield, Afghanistan; trained 265 engineers--built coalition partnership
- NATCA-A Air Advisor Fire SME; taught 430 hours basic fire instruction--forged joint response framework
- Corrected security deficiency; id�d problem/sourced/installed parts--$86K armored vehicle rdy for msn rqmts
- Id'd/sourced power install for Afghan fire dept; secured stable response/trng fac--enabled mission continuation
- Forged joint-advisory initiative; conducted 252 trng hrs w/ US Army--provided critical OJT for new soldiers
- Guided MeS logistics issues; solved 15 manning hurdles/received vital supplies--fire ops msn zero down time
- VCNCO for 9 person det; tracked 4 vehicles/$480K and maintenance rqmt--enabled mission ops/security rqmt
- Developed first ever Afghan trng MTL's; Id'd level 1,2&3 requirments--created base document for Afghan FF's
- Steered 7 mbr fire team; extinguished conex fire/$15K/loss stop--$3M Afghan AF base project never stalled
- Detachment safety rep; id'd/corrected 7 facility/worker hazards--0 reportable mishaps/instilled safety mindset
- Id'd 3 excess Afghan vehicle requirements; eliminated repair/transport/maintenance costs--saved US gov't 1M
- Conducted 3 multi-national exercises; coord'd UH-60/Mi-17/CH-47 egress training--united response capacity
- Selected to observe 31st FW HQ USAFE inspection; provided flt leader lessons learned on future inspections
- Spt'd Afghan Helo exercise; provided security for flight crew during trng sortie--enabled AAF commando ops
- Led 48 emergency responses; zero loss--instrumental in flight winning 2012 USAFE Fire Department of the Yr
- C2 on RC-135 IFE w/ hydraulic failure/smoking landing gear; directed setup/suppression efforts--$0 AF loss
- IC on "white powder" incident; orchestrated investigation/secured responsible party--product id'd/scene safe

- Responsible for training of all alarm room personnel; certified 10 dispatchers--increased available pool 30%

- Meticulously identified/tracked repairs for fire alarm sys; resulted in amazing 90% overall in-commission rate

- Seized all opportunities; voluntarily attended AFTC--mission critical training/certifying official vacancy filled
- Professionalism in motion; serviced 200 fire extinguishers after duty hrs--fire suppression capability increased
- Perfection in action! Assigned as lead firefighter during Silver Flag exercise--war fighting readiness enhanced
- Phenomenal infrastructure support; crucial to 97th CES choice as 2006 AETC Civil Engineer Outstanding Unit
- Exhibited astounding urgency; deployed handline to APU fire--actions prevented reignition and saved aircraft
- Aggressively volunteered for Airmen Against Drunk Driving; provided Amn safe rides home--DUI's prevented
- Skilled dispatcher; recalled firefighters when directed by C2--actions for 100% response capability provided
- Superb performer; possessed expert driver/operator skills during C-17 #1 engine fire--$202.3M aircraft saved
- Astounding infrastructure support; vital to 97 CES choice as 2007 HQ AETC Civil Engineer Small Unit Award
- Professionalism in motion; serviced 200 fire extinguishers after duty hrs--fire suppression capability increased
- Exhibited astounding urgency; deployed handline to APU fire--actions prevented reignition and preserved acft

- Rescue mbr at KC-135 emer/blown fuse plugs/8 flat tires; chock'd acft/egress'd 4 aircrew--$39.6M asset sav'd

- Assisted in recovery of crashed F-15; cut fuel laden wings for inspection--critical to AF investigation board

- Executed flawless station captain duties; coordinated staffing for 8 stations/25 vehicles--seamless daily ops

- Supported fire protection for 2K pers/$4.5B acft/infrastructure; ensured ISR Ops/delivery of 35% AOR's fuel!
- Perfect score! Meticulously tracked mission critical training/records for flight; 100% ready--no discrepancies
- Provided C2 for fuel spill on C-130; directed diversion of spill from 21K drain sys/eliminated environment haz
- First Aid First Responder training program mgr; ensured training for 79 pers--brought national certs up by 20%

- First in crash crew; provided evac path for C-130 ground emergency; $30M aircraft protected; zero life loss

- Responded to vehicle accident with 2 patients; stabilized incident and provided medical attention--lives saved

- Attained National Registry EMT certification; earned 10 semester hrs--strengthened wing medical capabilities

- Self-enrolled in Fire Instructor I CDC; scored impressive 94% on EOC--recognized by unit/wing commander

- Optimal positioning on F-16 crash; provided RIT for all entry teams--22 lives protected/averted catastrophe

- Expedient response to 10 IFEs; A/C inspected/rendered fire safe--$0 loss to AF assets/mission uninterrupted

- Oversaw FES expansion plan; reorganized 2K equip items/38 prsnl billets--flt grew 30%/exceeded C-17 reqs

Primary/Additional Duties

- SCBA technician; completed annual maintenance on 90 regulators/105 masks; saved flight $30K in repair costs

- Coordinated/tested 9K feet of fire hose; ensured stringent national standard met; improved firefighter life safety

- Superior trainer! Trained/certified 6 Airmen in upgrade training; skills validated; average EOC score of 90%

- Conducted 5 pre-fire plan inspections; encompassed 12K+ ft; provided valuable bldg insight for response crew

Standards, Conduct

- Spearheaded implementation of respiratory program in ACES; consolidated & managed program worth $750K

- Provided exceptional support Armedforces Against Drunk Driving; credited w/saving 24 lives over 6hr period

Training Requirements

- Focused on career advancement through education; completed Fire Instructor III class; MSgt level requirement

- Attained Texas Engineer certification; received 4 credit hrs; able to instruct supervisory level training classes


- Initiated inspections while TDY to Silver Flag '07; identified/mitigated 2 life safety hazards; safeguarded unit

- Instructed/trained 11 individuals on P-26 5K gallon tender; increased department's resupply effectiveness 22%

Other Comments

- Supervised "Smoke House" for 2007 Fire Prevention month; taught 174 elementary children fire and life safety

- Outstanding NCO! Inspired/led subordinates to better themselves; undeniable asset to flight; promote to TSgt

Primary/Additional Duties

- Treated child w/ anaphylactic reaction; secured airway/administered O2--stabilized patient/transported < 5min

- Coined by 52nd Fire Protection flight; taught hazmat technician class--11 students certified with 89% EOC avg

- Controlled vehicle accident scene/directed crews to place oil spill pads--treated patients and mitigated hazards

- Established oxygen treatment on male w/ severe chest pain; potential heart attack/damage averted--saved a life!

Standards, Conduct

- Worked 4-hours at 2008 fall bazaar; dismantled booth/cleaned up event area; actions contributed to $6K raised

- Medical response for male with dehydration/cramps; administered oxygen/fluid infusion--expedited recovery

Training Requirements

- Attended interior Space Shuttle Orbiter training; enabled flt to support NASA w/specialized rescue operations

- Top-notch trainer; instructed aerial vehicle configuration/operations--resulted in seven new licensed drivers


- Led Job Shadow Day tour; instructive presentation educated 150 participants--increased fire safety awareness

- Actively involved with XXX CES Booster club; washed, dried and detailed cars; contributions totaled $1.5K

Other Comments

- Volunteered 5-hours for Armed force Against Drunk Driving; assisted personnel/vehicles--saved two wingmen

- Grilled for 1500 competitors at Base 2008 Special Olympics; service before self; actions reflect new rank

Additional Rater's Comments

- Pursued Bachelors in Management; completed 6 credit hours; respectable 3.2 GPA--half way to fourth degree!

- Mitigated Class I and Class II oil spills at vehicle accident; stopped leaks from entering base drainage system

- Extinguished vehicle fire at hospital; prevented damage to adjacent vehicle/structure--promotion well deserved

- Utilized powered equipment to cut the hinges on a locked steel door and made entry to attack the fire

- Supervised over 80 emergency response personnel from 7 agencies, streamlined multi-agency operational performance

- Provided sound fire prevention and life safety education to nearly seven hundred and fifty school aged children

- Responded to the Rock Valley fire, ensured safe evacuation of 22 personnel and relocated over $900K worth of assets

- Responded to report of fire in building 2022 which was under renovation; set up initial attack and requested aid from Charleston

- Instituted a hazardous material training program that prepared firefighters to safely mitigate unknown "white powder incidents"

- As on-scene commander of a medical emergency, maintained gunshot victim's airway during transport to hospital, saved victim's life

- Performed textbook vehicle set-up and positioning during response to E-3 in-flight emergency--prevented $85M loss

- Responded to a kitchen fire in base housing, extinguished fire, prevented structure damage, saved AF $100K

- Led the fire department color guard, devoted over 200 hours to training of personnel, supported 20+ special events

- Responded to and mitigated over 20 base and local community emergency calls

- Extinguished a vehicle fire in the munitions area, isolated and minimized damage to 7 thousand dollars

- Utilized power saw to cut through steel rollup door for ventilation during the fire extinguishment--saved aircraft

- Provided life-saving medical care to critical patient suffering a seizure

- Managed Al Udied's flightline driver's training program; certified over 30 firefighters, ensured 100% readiness

- Supported helicopter fire crews out of Lompoc Airport by supplying necessary resources to isolated locations

- Graduated 88 hour HAZMAT Tech class, completed 7-level, gained DoD certification

- Contributed to Air Force Heritage project; devoted off-duty time to a KC-135 restoration, enhanced base museum

- Obtained her Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification

- Engineered the flight's occupational fire fighter safety and health program, ensured compliance of 15 programs and equipment valued at $20 million dollars, ensured "Excellent" rating

- Participated as Sparky at month of the military child Fire Prevention Week

- Volunteered at Fire Department Activity Club fundraiser, worked nine hours at a Saint Louis Blues game which earned over $1K

- Directed firefighters in attack of fully involved house fire in Family Housing, saved home, prevented spread to adjacent apartments, saved $500K

- Volunteered to fill sand bags to prevent neighborhood flooding; mitigated event, kept roadway open for emergency traffic

- As on-scene commander, directed a team of firefighters in mitigation of kitchen fire, saved $450,000 residence

- Gained access to a high voltage switching station, enabled techs to restore power to Vandenberg operations

- Maintained the Air Force Fire Protection Self-Assessment program, achieved an outstanding 99% compliance rate

- Responded to 4 power line fires and established a safe cordon, swiftly reduced the hazard, prevented injuries

- Trained 33 Phosphate city Army Reserve Firefighters on Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting

- Contributed to AF research lab's testing of Ultra High Pressure technology, particpated in 12 fire scenarios to validate fire science advancements

- Led wildfire fighting efforts, constructed an emergency Command post--directed successful fire operations

- Deployed to Columbian Air Base ISO Operation Senior Scout, taught nine week English class to 40 citizens, improved relations

- Developed and implemented an operational risk management plan to increase firefighting practice and aircrew extraction & rescue procedures

- Identified aircraft firefighting apparatus/equipment discrepancies--guaranteed safety, compliance with National Fire Protection Association standards

- Responded to an A-10 engine fire, deployed an attack line, extinguished fire and limited engine damage to $40K

- Arranged Battle of the Badges softball tournament, increased morale, relations between Security Forces and Fire Emergency personnel

3E7X1 - Fire Protection

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Official Description

It goes without saying that the Air Force operates in an environment unlike any other, and therefore we need Fire Protection specialists unlike any others. In this field, you'll be trained to deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires. You'll also be stationed on an Air Force base using the latest equipment and will occasionally help out local civilian fire departments when needed. Fire Protection is intense but very rewarding as you'll not only be putting out fires, but you'll also be saving lives. From

ASVAB RequiredG - 38
Security ClearanceSecret
CCAF EarnedFire Science
Civilian marketabilityVery Good
Base choicesTravel the world

Detailed Description

Fire Protection consists of everything you imagine when you think of a Fire Fighter, and more. You’ll be responsible for both structural and aircraft fires, as well as other emergency situations. The extent of job performance will vary greatly depending on base assignment and mutual aid agreements in the area.

What an average day is like

This will depend on your fire department. Most work 24hr On-Duty/24hr Off-Duty. There are others that work 24/48; 48/48; 48/72. It is dependent on the leadership at the time. Day starts with roll-call to make sure everyone arrived safely and you can complete shift change over. Afterwards everyone will check tools, equipment and vehicles. The rest of the day consists of training, cleaning and any other odd tasks that need to be accomplished that day. The video gaming and tv watching portion that everyone talks about does not happen until after normal duty hours. This is considered “down time”. Depending on your supervisor and department, as a new firefighter, you may be required to complete your 5-Level courses prior to getting to fully experience down time.

Other details

Weekends will be worked, especially on a 24/24 schedule. However, K-Day/Kelly-Days are given to make up for the lack of weekends. Every other week you will get one of your normal work days off. This will allow for a 3-Day “weekend”. These days are set by the Station Captain and Assistant Chief of your shift.


Fire protection is a completely enlisted/civilian field. The first officer is your chain of command is commonly the Squadron commander. Fire protection culture is very similar to a frat; a lot of jokes, pranks and brotherhood. Family style dinners are commonplace and it is completely normal to spend off duty time with coworkers you’ve just spent 24 hours working with.

Tech School

Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas; It is a physically and mentally demanding course. Previously, it had one of the higher wash-out rates in the Air Force. Due to standards changes that has lessened a bit, but many people still struggle. Goodfellow dorms are fairly new, and the base is small. Bottled/Filtered water is a necessity in the area due to drought and contaminants. The surrounding city is friendly and growing, but lacking many things that normal cities have. Overall, it is not a bad sacrifice for one of the more desired jobs in the Air Force.

Career Development Courses (CDCs)

Fire protection CDCs operate very differently than CDCs in other AFSCs. The courses for each skill level are split into different classes. The courses are usually done on CD-ROM along with hands-on OJT. Each course provides you with a different certification, and these certifications build upon one another as you progress. Many of the courses are taught by the Department of Defense Fire Academy and it is not uncommon to see E-2/3/4s headed back to Goodfellow for additional training.

A.S. Fire Science, CCAF

A.S. Instructor of Technology and Military Science, CCAF (Available as a Fire Protection Technical Training Instructor)

Advanced Training

Fire protection no longer has a 5/7 level school, as previously stated 5/7 Levels are earned through certifications completed at the home-station and through the Department of Defense Fire Academy.

Ability to do schoolwork

Completing schoolwork during shift is common. While working 24+hr shifts the end of the duty day for everyone else is normally downtime for fire personnel. You will still be on-duty and at the fire station but this time can be used for PT, CDCs, schoolwork and eventually, sleep.

Security Clearance

Most Fire Protection personnel are only required to have a Secret clearance. Anything further would be dependent on the base and job tasking.

Base Choices

The majority of CONUS and OCONUS bases are available for assignment.


Deployment tempo is normal.

Civilian marketability

It is very likely to use the skills and knowledge you learned in the Air Force and apply it to a civilian job. Many firefighters end up leaving the Air Force to pursue a civilian career due to a desire for a higher work tempo. Civilian firefighter is not necessarily a high paying job, but the experience and certifications you have earned will greatly assist you in acquiring a position.

Videos about the job

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