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Great Essays 4 Answer Key

1Great Writing 4: Great Essays, 4ed Answer KeyUNIT 1Activity 1, pages 5–8PreviewAnswers will vary.Post-Reading1. ±e story of Cinderella, her cleaning tasks, and how she felt about them2. Answers will vary.3. Ironing clothes, washing dishes, and cleaning the bathroom4. 5 paragraphs; paragraph 1 (introduction); paragraph 5 (conclusion); paragraphs 2, 3, 4 (body)5. Unpleasant household chores 6. “±e top three of these unpopular tasks o²en include ironing clothes, washing dishes, and cleaning the bathroom.”7. Why people don’t like to iron clothes; “One of the most hated chores for many people is ironing clothes because it is not a task that can be completed quickly or thoughtlessly.”8. Paragraph 3:“Another household chore that many people dislike is washing dishes.” Paragraph 4:“Although ironing clothes and washing dishes are not the most pleasant household chores, perhaps the most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom.”9. Two possible supporting sentences: “Each piece of clothing must be handled individually, so ironing a basket of laundry can take hours!” “A²er ironing a piece of clothing meticulously, which entails smoothing out the fabric, following the seams, and getting the creases just right, it needs to be put on a hanger as soon as possible.1 0. “Because the bathroom is full of germs, a quick wiping of the surfaces is o²en not enough.”1 1. “Maintaining a house means doing a wide variety of unpleasant chores.”Activity 2, pages 9–12PreviewAnswers will vary.Post-Reading1. ±en the doorbell rang, and my life changed forever.2. Answers will vary.3. (1) ±e writer’s family was napping. (2) ±e writer was bored. (3) ±e writer answered the door. (4) ±e writer sat down on the sofa. (5) ±e writer wondered about her exam score. (6) ±e mother gave the writer courage. (7) ±e writer opened the letter. (8) ±e writer read the letter. (9)±e writer hugged her mother. (10) ±e writer was congratulated by her family. 4. 6 paragraphs; paragraph 45. To describe the letter and establish the problem or con³ict of the essayActivity 3, pages 12–14PreviewAnswers will vary.Post-Reading1. ±e di´erences between urban life and rural life2. “Perhaps some of the most notable di´erences in the lives of these two groups include the degree of friendliness between residents, the pace of life, and the variety of available activities.”3. urban4. activities: paragraph 4; more options for activities: city5. Pace (paragraph 3): Urban:1. “In the city, life moves very quickly.” 2. “

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