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Cs411 Assignment 3 Fall 2016

Visual Programing (CS411)

Assignment#03 (GRADED)

  Total marks = 30

                                                                                       Deadline Date = 31-01-2018

Please read all the instructions carefully before attempting theassignment.

Problem Statement:

You are required to create a WPF ,C# application which will count the number of special characters from a given text file and generate a text report.


The interface will have 

•      Three buttons

•      One Text Box

•      Two Progress bars


1.      Select File button will open file dialog and let you chose your text file, after clicking open the file will be read from that location and following Special Characters occurrences in the file will be calculated. 

1. Number of ,( commas)

6. Number of !

2. Number of .( full stop)

7. Number of - (Dash)

3. Number of @

8. Number of  ?

4. Number of (

9. Number of % (Percent sign)

5. Number of )

10.Number of  ; (Semicolon)

After calculation the results will be shown in the Text Box and read progress bar will be completed and Select button will be disabled and Save and reset button will be activated.

2.      Save Button will save the report generated in the first step into a text file named as (VU ID-report).txt).Check the template of report file in the Gif file attached.

3.      Reset Button will reset the TextBox and progress bars also Select file button will be activated and save button will be disabled. 

Selecting Text file from the provided text files

There are a total of 17 text files attached in this assignment file you need to choose a text file according to your VU ID.

So for example your VU ID MC170202317  then your file name will be file170.txt.

Please note that if you submit your assignment with wrong text file selected i.e. not according toyour VU ID you will lose 50% marks.

Output.gifhas been attached with this Assignment file please observe this file carefully, yourprogram’s output must be like this output file.

Submission details

Following Files Must be submitted in a single zip or rar file.

.C# code file(s) 

 .XAML File(s) (Front End file)

.txt report file (named as your (VU ID-report).txt)

A .gif file which shows working of your Application(For Recording .gif a software named Screentogif is uploaded on LMS, or you can also use any other gif recording tool as well)

You are not required to submit the complete project, only copy these three files from project folder. Please note if you submit doc file you will be awarded 0 marks.

If you do not submit any of the above mentioned file 5 marks per file will be deducted.

Feel free to Contact through Email If you have any query related to Assignment.

Best of Luck! 

Solution File :  In Solution File Must Change Your Student ID :-

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Homework assignments

The best way to learn about a machine learning method is to program it yourself and experiment with it. So the assignments will generally involve implementing machine learning algorithms, and experimentation to test your algorithms on some data. You will be asked to summarize your work, and analyze the results, in brief (3-4 page) write ups. The implementations may be done in any language, but Matlab and Python are reocmmended. A brief tutorial on Matlab is included here. You may also use Octave.

Collaboration on the assignments is not allowed. Each student is responsible for his or her own work. Discussion of assignments and programs should be limited to clarification of the handout itself, and should not involve any sharing of pseudocode or code or simulation results. Violation of this policy is grounds for a semester grade of F, in accordance with university regulations.

The schedule of assignments is included in the syllabus. Assignments are due at the beginning of class/tutorial on the due date. Because they may be discussed in class that day, it is important that you have completed them by that day. Assignments handed in late but before 5 pm of that day will be penalized by 5% (i.e., total points multiplied by 0.95); a late penalty of 10% per day will be assessed thereafter. Extensions will be granted only in special situations, and you will need a Student Medical Certificate or a written request approved by the instructor at least one week before the due date.


There will be a mid-term in class during the 6th week of classes, which will be a closed book exam on all material covered up to that point in the lectures, tutorials, required readings, and assignments.

The final will not be cumulative, except insofar as concepts from the first half of the semester are essential for understanding the later material.


We expect students to attend all classes, and all tutorials. This is especially important because we will cover material in class that is not included in the textbook. Also, the tutorials will not only be for review and answering questions, but new material will also be covered.