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Phase Four Phonics Homework For Kindergarten

L is for Learning, Which Kids Will Do with Phonics Worksheets

There’s a chance your little learner already knows that A is for apple. But does he know that A has multiple sounds? Or that dog rhymes with frog and clock rhymes with sock? Indeed, there is so much that goes into phonics development, which is why you and your child will find our phonics worksheets so helpful. Featuring dozens of lessons that are as entertaining as they are educational, your child’s cognitive and observational skills will get a workout as he learns how to sound out letters, match objects that rhyme, locate items in a park that start with S, and work on consonant blends. As his phonics skills begins to broaden, keep the learning going with some practical application. For instance, set the timer for two minutes and see how many objects he can find around the house that start with the letter B. Then gather all of his stuffed animals and ask him to verbally identify them, and see if he can figure out which ones rhyme. Whether he’s mastering phonics by using our worksheets or his environment, he’s certain to have a blast. And you will, too, as you watch his knowledge grow.

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